Sunday, January 23, 2011

On horror games/movies.

I thought I'd make a slightly longer post right here. I like to play a lot of horror games. They terrify me, and it's amazing. I remember playing FEAR back in the day, and almost screaming.Horror movies never really got to me though. I think it's the level of immersion that video games have. Regardless, here is a list of horror games that I find to be wonderfully frightening! My top five are:

5. Dead Space
I just played this game, and it has a lot of jump at you scary! It also has a unique way of bringing you in by Having no HUD, and making all displays completely in-game. It adds a great deal to the realism of the game, and draws the player in.I am excited for the second one :D

4.Doom 3
This game is a lot darker, with much more Jumpy OH MY JESUS IT'S GONNA EAT ME! moments. It leaves you with little ammo, and the monsters are powerful. However, it kinda dries out later in the game, but I'll never forget when you first get attacked by a hell knight in this game. That's the big guy in the poster btw.

This game really made me paranoid. I kept checking over my shoulder while I played it, and Alma still scares the shift out of me. I had to play this game with friends, but I couldn't bear to play it in the light. It had to be dark, with the sound turned up. The environments aren't necessarily scary in here, but that little girl is enough to make me shit brix when she lights a warehouse on fire!

2.Amnesia: The Dark Descent
THE DESCENT OF DARKNESS! Alright though, this game is terrible. You get know weapons, dropped into a situation that you have no idea what is going on. Random doors will fly open, shadows make you go insane. I'm utterly terrified to play it. But yet, it feels so right. Definitely a good substitute for a checkup on your heart. My only vocabulary while playing this is a constant, omgomgomgomgomg OH SHIT!

1. Bioshock
I have no idea why this terrifies me so much. It could be the little sisters who will cut you open and take your ADAM, or maybe the Big Daddies who will cut you apart for them. Or it could be the hordes of splicers who have been made batshit crazy over ADAM, and now try to get their hands on it wherever they can. A utopianistic society, with no boundaries, which destroyed itself, and it's underwater for god sakes! No way out.


  1. Def have to agree on the "Amnesia" one.
    That game is scary ; ;

  2. Pretty spot on I might take Dead space over Doom 3 though, only cause I haven't palyed Doom 3 in foreverrrr