Monday, February 14, 2011

A.V.A First Impressions (and my failed attempt at neo-steam)

Okay, so I tried to do Neo Steam, which is an MMO set in a steampunk world. I was intrigued by steampunk, cause it looks awesome, and tried it. I didn't play very much, cause it was unclear on what to do, the controls annoyed the hell out of me, and it seemed like a low-quality WOW-clone.

 Still, looked nice on the website. I'll be doing Alliance of Valiant Arms, or A.V.A. for short. I've been playing it a bit, and it runs smooth. Controls feel nice and responsive, good amount of players, and it's just fun. It's also really pretty for a F2P game.

More on that later on. For now, peace off guys!

Oh, and if you guys should happen to want to game with me at any time, my usual user is Arion676.

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  1. Ooo it actually looks really good seeing some videos of it!