Sunday, February 13, 2011

Genesis A.D.

It's a well-built fps, for those without parents that love them or who don't have an income. Actually, it's decent for any FPS. Doesn't compare to high-budget ones though. The graphics look good, and it runs fairly smooth for a F2P. The response and weapon handling is nice. Downsides, not enough customization, and low amounts of maps. Gets boring quick, but I'm sure they will patch that eventually. It's good if you are bored of other first person shooters, and it adds an interesting aspect with the supersuit power thingamajigs.

Engine/graphics: 7.5
It looks good. nuff said. Not the prettiest, but I'll take it. As for the physics engine, it handles pretty well, though sometimes you will get shot and knocked across the map. Nothing that truly affects gameplay though

Controls: 9.5
Really kinda hard to screw up controls on a PC shooter, I just don't agree with pulling out the knife to be "f" and still having to click to use it. Feels weird man.

Play: 7.5
It feels new, and can be annoying at times. The powers do add an interesting aspect though, and it's quite fun. Hard to get used to though, and the playerbase is kinda noobish, and small.

Overall: 7
It's good, for a time. You may want to come back after a couple of months when they add more, and it is still only a F2P, so I guess we should be impressed with how well it is designed. Also, supplier is useless.

Next game is Neosteam, which is a F2P mmorpg set in a steampunk themed world, sorry I haven't played it yet, and won't be able to give first impressions on it just yet.