Thursday, February 3, 2011

I don't get stumped a lot, but this question made me think.

An innocent question."What is your favorite memory?"
Why can't I answer. I know I'm happy when I talk to you, but that's a whole list of memories. I get giddy when I see a textification, or IM. My favorite memory is actually of meeting you. For more than just you. We had a great time with friends, I got to feel like Harry Potter. But I finally got to meet you in person, and see who you really were. I guess that's when I started to feel for you. I'm not sure what's happening, and I really hate to be the sap who says this. I scold them all the time on facebook. "Omg, she's so perfect, kisses babe!" I won't ever be quite like that, hence why I am using this medium instead. Less traffic, less people to annoy. I just had to get it out.

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